Planning committee report: fall of the 5 Year Plan

Having scanned through the 46 page document, a few things jumped out which I’ll detail below and in the next post. Go through it yourself and see if you feel your objections were summarised adequately by the planning office.  My substantive factual comments on the heritage of the site have been airbrushed out of the report entirely. More on that in a moment. First though, here’s the context in which the “need” for this extra housing has been generated :

“6.2 The current lack of a five year supply of housingsoviet hammer
sites in the district is due to the lack of delivery of new housing by developers rather than an under-supply of allocated housing land. This has primarily been caused by delays in progressing some major allocations due to the economic downturn and the delay in bringing forward the council’s new local plan. The current lack of a five year housing land supply justifies some flexibility in line with the NPPF in the consideration of planning applications which do not accord with local plan policy.

Oh I see. Reality gets in the way of the 5 Year Plan so we must sacrifice a well-loved part of our locality to pay for the council’s duff projection. In the parallel universe of local bureaucracy, neighbourhood interests are mere trifles compared with the bother of amending The Plan.

“6.4  It is clear the application is contrary to local plan policy GS2. However, whilst the council does not have a five year housing land supply, policy GS2 is inconsistent with the framework. The proposed development, therefore, needs to be considered on its site specific merits and whether it constitutes a sustainable form of development as defined in the NPPF.

Inconvenient planning rule not to your liking sir? Chuck it away and make a new one! 

Will our elected representatives help? Remember the 2010 election campaign of Mr. Ed Vaizey, promising “…local people a say in how many, and where local homes are needed…”? Well, pre-election localism seems to have morphed into the NPPF post-election, with its notorious presumption in favour of “sustainable development”.  Use of the magic word “sustainable” gives ministers special permission to misrepresent and insult the people they were elected to serve.


2 responses to “Planning committee report: fall of the 5 Year Plan

  1. Have you investigated getting listed building status on any of the houses? Also tree preservation orders?

    • I believe there are some TPOs in place: the development must work around these. As for listing the buildings, I believe someone looked into this a few years ago. My understanding is that such listing would not necessarily prevent redevelopment… but I’m going to have another look at this.

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